Four Dutch companies in collaboration with the Dutch government and the Dutch embassy in Budapest have combined their knowledge and expertise for the Hungarian agriculture sector, with a special focus on soil fertility: Talajtáp.

This partnership seeks long-term solutions to the chronic crop nutrient deficiencies in Hungary. The activities are aimed at the promotion of changes in the soil nutrients management and offer a sustainable solution for growers and for the soil.


It is all about the mindset 

When you realize that the depletion of soil through chemical fertilizers eventually leads to a loss of crop yields and land value than choosing the more sustainable use of manure is no longer difficult.
Many studies and trials demonstrate the importance of healthy soil for the crop in the short term. Soil fertility and organic matter provide for a consistent quality of crops and in the long run more yield per hectare. The primary objective is awareness among Hungarian farmers – the knowledge exchange with the farmers, universities and the government, the importance of organic matter, soil health and soil fertility. This awareness should lead to increased knowledge of the soil, the processes occurring in the soil and the knowledge of the farmer in regards to what needs to be done with the soil to get it in its optimal condition and maintain it.


Sound field trials

Since 2014 Talajtáp has been organizing scientifically sound field trials in Hungary. The aim is to gather trial data in Hungary. Hungarian farmers can see with their own eyes and evaluate, based on scientific data, what organic fertilizers do for their crops and to their soils.

In the last two years we have had trials in:


  -Two trials in Püski



Talajtáp is working with a specialized company for field trials in Hungary. The trials are built up as follows:

Each trial plot is 3 meters wide and 10 meters long. At each trial place, we are working with 5 different treatments: usually one untreated part, one with a dose of manure, one with double dose of manure, one with a combination of manure and chemical fertilizer, and one with a combination of manure and a double dose of chemical fertilizer. Each trial is six times repeated and randomly divided over the trial place. Before each trial the soil is sampled and analysed. 

During the trial period, all treatments are completed in accordance with the treatments done by the farmer on the total field. The trial company is measuring various variables during the growing season: Each day rainfall and min/max temperature is measured. Halfway through the growing season the height of the plant and the green intensity is measured. At the time of harvest the total fresh weight, the moisture content, and the final yield is measured. All data is processed and reported in a scientifically sound report.



Komeco B.V.

Komeco B.V. specialises in processing chicken and cow manure to high-quality pressed composted organic fertilizer pellets and granulate. Based on the high content of organic material, Komeco organic fertilizer improves the structure and moisture-absorbing capacity of the soil, increases fertility and preserves the balance of natural soil systems. The principle of ‘slow release’, whereby the slowed down release of nutrients with a long-term effect and high effectiveness takes place, ensures a steady and continuous feed flow. Due to the shortage of organic matter in the soil, the international demand for organic fertilizer is increasing. This is where Komeco is challenged to supply high-quality fertilizers, with the right price-quality ratio.

Bureau Mest Afzet

BMA is the executive office of the Foundation for Stimulating the use of Manure Products and acts as an objective, independent and technical information center: BMA acts as a:
- Contact and service point for the affiliated companies for their marketing, especially processing and export of livestock manure;
- Information and consultancy center for companies, (branch)organizations and (semi) government to promote the marketing, processing and export of manure and related products;
- Executive Agency for self-regulation in order to make certain that the manure trade is executed within the framework of the manure regulations and the veterinary requirements

Dofco International bv

DOFCO International is a sales, marketing and distribution company of natural, organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. We supply all our products directly to customers abroad. High-quality natural, organic fertilizers are slow-release NPK-fertilizers. They consist of two-thirds of organic matter and further contain all essential minerals and micronutrients. The standard pellet is guaranteed to contain 90% dry matter. The composition of the nutrients and micronutrients depends upon the choice and composition of the natural raw materials. The fertilizer pellets are guaranteed weed and pathogen free and are easy to apply before and during the growing season. DOFCO International is innovating continuously by adapting its fertilizer formulation to fulfil demand of the soils and the crops growing on these soils. Resulting in optimum yields for the farmers.

Eraspo Imex bv

Eraspo trades in dry stackable manure only. Poultry manure is loaded in container trucks at regional poultry farms. After unloading it is composted in the central store in a fully natural way. It is restacked from time to time and the bacteria care for fermentation. This composting process increases the temperature till at least 70°C. The Eraspo storage is EU certified which allows Eraspo to export the final product. Currently, Eraspo started to process the dry fraction (after the separation process) of pig manure. On customer's request, minerals such as potassium and magnesium can be added during the composting process. Eraspo sells fertilizer products, such as compost, peat, manure, mushroom compost and molmmest. These go to gardeners and individuals and can be self-collected or delivered on request.


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